CRM / Run-off

Counterparty Risk Management

Talanx Re Broker is responsible for the compliance and implementation of the "Counterparty Risk Management Guideline" when selecting and assessing reinsurance partners for the Talanx Group. The most important factor for selection and for the allocation of reinsurers’ participations is their claims-paying-ability in case of a loss.

We support both our own internal security committee and the Group’s Reinsurance Committee in classifying our reinsurance partners on the basis of specific criteria and financial data.



Our experienced run-off team guides and assists our clients on all legacy issues of their reinsurance business and is responsible for the implementation and compliance of the "Run-off / Legacy Guideline". We support an active receivables management by reviewing, analysing, negotiating and documenting the business as well as assessing and reducing the default risk, e.g. by way of commutation and systematic debt collection.

We have special expertise in collecting outstanding balances, insolvency proceedings, Schemes of Arrangement and in the context of portfolio transfer.

In future, the coordination of the run-off in all Talanx Group subsidiaries worldwide is our strategic focus.

The Team

Jan Bluhm
Head of Counterparty Risk Management / Run-off


Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-106

Britta Burlone
Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-123

Heiko Jagemann

Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-127

Simone Tiede
Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-128


Peter H. Böckling

Telefon: +49 511 5 42 23-122

Alexandra Könemann

Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-177

Petra Küper

Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-172