Retail & Group Protections

In the area "Retail & Group Protections" at the Talanx Re Broker we concentrate our service capabilities to the primary insurance companies (non-life) of the Talanx "Retail Germany" division with Talanx Deutschland AG and the "Retail International" division with Talanx International AG as the respective divisional holding operations.

A significant proportion of the reinsurance volume purchased for these retail companies as well as for "Standard Lines" as defined by the Talanx Group (e.g. motor and accident business, in general) is placed with the group-internal reinsurance entity Talanx Reinsurance (Ireland) SE. We also handle this company’s protections.

As a result of the group’s profit-oriented diversification strategy and the subsequent continual acquisition of foreign-based operations, the number of internal clients we cater for has grown especially in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Talanx Deutschland AG and Talanx International AG focus on personal and commercial lines of business, although several of the later’s subsidiaries are themselves well-known industrial insurers in their respective home markets.
It is therefore indispensable to take into account specific local market practices and conditions in order to provide comprehensive support and to properly structure the respective reinsurance solutions.

From its office in Hannover, Talanx Re Broker supports the international subsidiaries of the Talanx Group’s Retail divisions.

Our placement team has gained many years of reinsurance experience across
many lines of business and in the respective markets. Our ability to quickly adapt to individual market requirements in conjunctions with a professional and systematic handling of each of our international clients’ specific portfolio continues to be the main strength of our placement activities.

The Team

Stephanie Bode

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Babette Brandes

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Tatjana Butman

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Magdalena Dec

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Sabrina Jathe
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Rüdiger Rabe

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Christina Schendel

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Hans-Christian Schlie

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Sabine Turek

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Gunnar Zickermann

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