Initially founded as Protection Reinsurance Intermediaries AG year end 2002, the company changed its name into Talanx Reinsurance Broker AG as per 01.09.2011. Effective 01.07.2013, the company changed its legal form and trade as Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH.

The company has been expanding continuously since its foundation in 2002. The activities of the Talanx Group have played a major role in this process, both with regard to the managed business volume as well as concerning the number of cedants. The acquisition of new group members in core emerging markets also automatically extends Talanx Re Broker's group client base.

Within the Talanx Group’s scope of activities, Talanx Re Broker has therefore established itself as the specialist for consultancy, risk-transfer and handling of reinsurance solutions.

Management Board

Oliver Grabau (Chairman) and Caroline Schlienkamp are jointly responsible for the business operations of Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH.

Supervisory Board of Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH

At present, the Supervisory Board consists of:

Dr. Jan Wicke, Chairman
(Board Member of Talanx AG)

Dr. Edgar Puls
(Deputy Chairman of Talanx AG Board)

Oliver Schmid
(Board Member of HDI International AG)

Managing Directors

Oliver Grabau
Managing Director
Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-103

PDF Vita Oliver Grabau

Caroline Schlienkamp
Managing Director
Phone: +49 511 5 42 23-100